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Moose's Blog
Tuesday, April 22, 2008
MY Thoughs on the Bible
Mood:  sharp
Topic: Thoughts about Religion

I find myself more and more asking the question; “Just how accurate is the Bible?”

It is claimed by nearly all Christians that the Bible is without a single doubt the Holy Inspired Word of God.  However there is great argument between Christian Sects as to exactly how it is so inspired.  Some claim that it was written by God himself while others claim it was written by men whose hand was held by God while they wrote their texts. Yet others claim that God spoke to them in dreams and visions which they then wrote down in text. Does anyone alive today know the truth of it? I seriously question the intelligence of the person that says that they do.

In addition while it might be said that the Bible is the inspired word of God it can also be said that it was indeed written by man, without argument. BUT exactly who decided on which Texts, Gospels and Stories would be included in the Bible, was it God or was it Man?  The obvious answer is “Man”. The Bible wasn’t even put together until after the death of Jesus and, it was put together by a group of men who poured over a huge collection of texts, Gospels and, other stories that were written down and passed down through time. It is said that there are so many of said texts, gospels and, stories that if put together they’d fill every shelf in a modern day Library. If the Bible is the inspired word of God why would he assign man to compile it for him?  Exactly how did they decide which texts, gospels and stories to include in it, where they inspired too? Did God tell them what to include and what to leave out?  I have serious doubts that he did. I think it’s more along the lines of what Our Governments do when communicating with its citizenry, they only tell us what they want us to hear or know.

Another sticking point for me is that I don’t know exactly what to make of what’s written in the Bible anymore. There are hundreds of translations in circulation around the world now.  The Bible is translated into hundreds of languages and dialects therein. Each Christian Sect uses their own chosen version of it and bases their belief system on that version. Then you have the problem of people who think they know what their version says but being human they misinterpret and teach the wrong message. With all the translating going on, the misinterpreting of scripture and all done by HUMAN HAND and MOUTH, how accurate can a book that’s edited by imperfect humans be?

I personally feel that the source of spiritual growth should not come from a single and quite obviously questionable source.

Posted by Moose at 1:57 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, April 25, 2008 12:49 PM EDT
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