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Below you'll find links to the Websites that I most frequently visit. Some of them you may already use and enjoy but if not here's an opportunity for you to expand your Web Surfing experience.

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Facebook isn't just another Networking Site, Well, yes it is BUT it's a step or two above and beyond the others. Not only is it a much safer place to network in terms of sexual preditors or undesirable but, you can set privacy setings that strictly limit who can or cannot contact you or even view your profile.  More and more people are coming to use it because it's safer and has more to do than does the rest.


There are many Game Sites out there in Cyberspace but as far as I'm concerened none of them even com close to this one. Its Your Turn .Com is by far the bedt site for Board Games. Play dozens of different types of traditional board games and variations of them.  Best of all It's 100% Free to play! Sign up today and challange me to a game,  My User ID is BullMoose


Yet again, of the tens of thousands of Message Forums or Message Boards in existance on the Internet Runaway Horses Forum is the only one I visit.  the forum has many different Topics Catagories to choose from, the folks that post theire are of a friendly sort, believe it or not they're not a bunch of Flammers, theyr are a respectiable group of people who respect your views. The forum is open to the Public and registration of course costs nothing.


Who doesn't know about ebay and it's shoping experience? If you don't already know ebay has auction of just about everything you can think of and probably some you wouldn't even expect.  Not only that but with ebay you don't even have to enter acutions to buy, they have what they call, "Buy Now" options and other "Instant Purchase" options. Sellers offer a variety of ways you can pay for their products.  So Shopping for whatever you need can usually be done in one convenient location.  The only thing requireed to shop ebay is to register with them and it too is Free.


Who says that File Sharing is a thing of the past? After the Government put a stop to such File Sharing services as KaZaa, Napster and others from allowing their users to share Copyrighted Music and Videos The Creators of YouTube came up with the next best thing, Share your Music Vidieos with the world.  With YouTube you can upload your Favorite Videos and allow others to watch them.  Also you can search for and view Tens of Thousands of videos uploaded by other useres all done legally. It's the only service I use for viewing or sharing Music Vidios and of course the cost of using the service is FREE!


Yeah I know, MySpace has gotten a lot of bad Press because of the Sickos and Pervs who troll the site and in my opinion it' should be an "Adults Only" Website. But irregardless of that fact I have an account there for the sole purpose of keeping in touch with distant friends and family who I can't contact by any other means and, for making friends.  it really is a good place to connect with others but please use MySpace Responably and PLEASE closely monitor your child's use of the site should you allow them to open an account.  


Who says Older isn't Better? Google is the Oldest Source on The Internet for finding virtually anything you want found. If you can think of it, Google can find it, whether it be products, images, people, you name it, Google can find it and I use it for virtually all my reasearch needs.

If the color in the ticker below is 'Yellow" stop long enough to read it. It is alerting the public of yet another priorit case of a missing, exploited or, aboandoned child. If that alert originates in your state or area  it's possibly you've seen that child or know something that could aid authorities in finding that child and possibly saving thier life.



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