About Me

There is really way too much about me to fit on any single page of the Internet so I’ll just hit some of the major points about me and, if you want to know more about any of them or about me, simply feel free to ask, I’m not shy by any means.

I was born and raised in Southeastern Michigan (Wayne County) in November of 1960.

I attended and graduated from Oscar A. Carlson High School in Gibraltar Michigan in 1978.

Before moving to the hills of West Virginia in 1984 where I currently live, I lived for a few years in the Arizona territory of the Mohave Desert I went for city boy to country hick and boy let me tell you I love living like John Boy Walton up here on top of this here mountain.

I am currently single with two failed marriages behind me and one marriage that is currently unresolved. Well the State claims to have resolved it but well.. That’s a long story and I’ll tell you about it if you wish to hear it later.

I’m not employed unless you consider holding down a couch as being a job. Though I do freelance my talents from time to time by designing and maintaining websites for people.

Though I believe in a God and, definitely have a Spiritual side, I am not into organized religion. Though I’d have to say that I lean more towards Christianity than any other belief.

My political views are really quite simple, THEY ALL ARE LIARS! Don’t trust a single word that comes from between their lips.

Television is of little use to me because I HATE commercials. Though I do tolerate them to watch Courtroom Drama as well as some Police and Detective programs.

My musical interests center around Love Ballads from several genres such as; Rock, Pop and, Country

I part of a “Dying” breed of Americans, Yes I’m a smoker and, I do know what it’s doing to “ME“.

I DON’T use alcohol. I’m currently in my 25 year of been a Sober Alcoholic.

I am an a veracious book reader. I read many different genres and can’t seem to ever get enough, Since I don’t work and spend and rarely get off the mountain I have all the time I need to keep the librarians hopping, by sending me several books every week.

While reading is my first love, computers and the Internet comes in as a very close second, Web Page Design and Digital Graphics in particular. Though I also do research and play games online too.

I’m a nature lover, after all, I live on top of a mountain out in the middle of nowhere.

Along with the love of nature comes a love of the wildlife that comes with it. I’d love to be able to once again walk out in the wooded areas around me to just enjoy it all but, I need eyes to guide my way now.

Don’t ask me about sports, I’m not into any of it. Except maybe fishing which I haven’t done for many years.

I can be an opinionated S.O.B. Sometimes so, if I go off on a tangent while we’re talking overlook it.

My main philosophy in life is; ‘Leave them Laughing’. I spent my youth being tortured by the laughter of other kids who were making fun of me because of my blindness. As I matured I came to realize that I could laugh with them, even at myself. Then the realization hit me one day that making them laugh wasn’t such a bad thing after all. In fact in doing so I began making more friends than I had ever had. Today I know something else that’s more important. Leaving them laughing is good for their health. It not only strengthens their heart muscle and improves circulation of the blood but, it is also very good at lifting their spirits. If I can do nothing else for the people around me and those that I love, the very least that I can do is give them something that makes them a better person, ‘Laughter’.

Again there is much more to me than what I’ve listed above so if you want to know more, simply ask.

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